LCube is our answer to the increasing and more precisesly deifned needs of the tenants and investors on the real estate market. After hundreds of conversations at our work, together with our team we set ourselves a goal to deliver new quality of services on the warehouse market in Poland.


In our cooperation with the tenants we focus on building and maintaining the long-term relations.This approach allows us to understand the needs and expecations of the tenants right from the beginning of the cooperation and prepare individual solutions based on our knowledge and experience in leasing and property management.


The projects we implement and the warehouse spaces we offer to the tenants are tailored to the type of their business and their development strategy. In addition, we offer multiple services to the tenants that help them make effective business decisons and minimize the risk associated with leasing a warehouse space for e.g. through knowledge of the latest technological trends, we are able to offer modern solutions to the tenants, available already at the design stage, that will help them effectively manage their service charges.

Our individual and flexible approach to each implemented project creates a partners relations throughout the whole cooperation. We not only offer the best solutions for the tenant’s business, but we also support the smooth and quick leasing process.


Despite the very dynamic increase in the new supply of warehouse space in Poland, industrial market is still a very attractive and stable direction for the investors. In the first three quarters of 2020, the investment market in Poland has seen more than 30 deals on the warehouse market, for a total volume of approximately €2.2 billion, which means that almost 48% of the total investment volume recorded for 2020 was closed in the industrial sector.


The prime locations in Poland allowed investors to acquire 6.25% cap rate and the best results were achivede by BTS projects for a dedicated tenant, with lease agreement signed for 10 years or longer. 2020 also boost the trends connected with the increasing demand for warehouse space in e-commerce and last mile delivery sector.

Investment process is complex and requires full engagement of all entities involved in it – including investors and advisory firms. Within the competences of our team, we offer professional advise in the following areas:

  • assets identification and due dillignece process,
  • due dilligence and acquisition process management, 
  • portfolio management operations and further coordination of external consultants (Facility Management oraz Project Management),
  • acquiring new tenants and maintaining a long-term relations with them, 
  • construction and fit-out management.

We offer our know-how, extensive experience, flexibility in each implemented project and full involvment of our team to each investor cooperating with us. We help investors to achieve their business goals by:


  • better control of the processes, 
  • lower total and / or service charge costs, 
  • constant Property Management support and access to our extensive knowledge of the local markets, 
  • improved business results thanks to lower tenant rotation and decreasing number of vacant units,
  • possibility of expansion of existing projects, 
  • better tenant relations, 
  • more opportunities to develop the business.

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