What distinguishes our project is its excellent location in the town of Adamowice, which is located next to Mszczonów (6 km from the Mszczonów exit, i.e., the junction of expressway S8 with road No. 50 – the planned bypass of the Warsaw Agglomeration). An additional advantage of the property’s location is its direct connection to expressway S8 (800 m from the exit), which enables not only fast distribution of goods to the Warsaw market but also to the western and southern parts of the country through quick access to highways A1 and A2. The location also guarantees convenient access to the project for your employees.


The highest technical standard of the offered warehouse space, modern technological solutions, and large maneuvering areas will ensure the comfort of using the rented space. As part of the project, we also have spacious offices and friendly social areas that provide a high level of satisfaction for your employees.

Target area

Existing space

Space for rent


<b>12m ​ clear height</b> possibility of constructing a building up to 40 m high​

12m ​ clear height possibility of constructing a building up to 40 m high​

Designed in accordance ​ with <b>breeam excellent</b> criteria​

Designed in accordance ​ with breeam excellent criteria​

<b>Column grid​ 12m x 22.5m</b>

Column grid​ 12m x 22.5m

<b>2 MW ​ power connection</b>

2 MW ​ power connection

<b>> 4 000 MJ/m2  ​fire resistance </b>

> 4 000 MJ/m2 ​fire resistance

<b>Class A warehouse space and modern office space​</b>

Class A warehouse space and modern office space​

<b>Load-bearing capacity ​of the floor ​ 7 T/m2</b>

Load-bearing capacity ​of the floor ​ 7 T/m2

<b>Gas heating</b> through radiant heaters or warm air heaters​

Gas heating through radiant heaters or warm air heaters​

<b>Led lighting</b>

Led lighting



Warszawa 50 km
Piotrków Tryb. 98 km
Łódź 100 km
Kraków 277 km
Poznań 285 km
Gdańsk 368 km
Wrocław 327 km


Project supervisor


Piotrek Krawczyk


Phone: +48 539 031 467

Mail: piotr.krawczyk@lcube.pl

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