What makes our project different is its excellent location in Sieroniowice with direct access to A4 highway that will make the distribution of goods across Poland and abroad really fast. The location of the project will be also an advantage for the employees, ensuring their easy access to work.


Top-notch technical standard of the warehouse space, modern technical solutions and wide maneuvering areas guarantee the comfortable use of the space. Within the project, we also offer spacious offices and friendly social areas that will positively affect the satisfaction of the employees.



Kraków 165 km
Warszawa 315 km
Wrocław 430 km
Poznań 515 km
Gdańsk 650 km
Szczecin 770 km

Technical Specifications

Clear height – 12- 10 m

Floor load capacity – 5 – 7T/m²

Fire resistance up to 4000 MJ

Class A warehouse space

Class A office space

LED indoor and outdoor lighting

Warehouse lighting – 150lux (excluding racking)

Office lighting 500lux

Docks, loading gate “0”